Portable Fire Extinguishers

2.5lb 5lb
4lb 10lb
5.5lb 15lb

Exit Signs

  • Large selection of exit light bulbs in stock
  • Self-powered LED exit signs available which are eligible for the Government Grant
  • Glow in the Dark exit labels
  • Large selection of Exit signs

Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting Testing and tagging of emergency lighting units
  • With the exception of high rise buildings emergency lighting units are required to be tested for half hour every year by a qualified technician.
  • Repair of emergency lighting units Several batteries sizes in stock or available with special order
  • Wide range of batteries in stock for emergency lighting
  • Wide selection of new emergency lighting units - Units with remote heads available - Units with remote heads and exit signs

Service Of Wet Pipe And Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

  • Flushing of system
  • Flow test alarm switches
  • Test water gong
  • Test all shut-off valves

Inspection And Testing Of Fire Hoses

  • Includes visual inspection and reracking of fire hoses
  • Hydrostatic testing of fire hoses as required every 5, 3 and 1 year.
  • Loaner fire hoses are supplied as required.

Smoke Alarms

  • 120 volt smoke alarms, including photoelectric and ionization
  • 120 volt smoke alarm, complete with Co2 detector
  • 120 volt smoke alarm, complete with back-up battery (front loading available)
  • 120 volt smoke alarm with Co2 detector talking available

Fire Hoses

  • In stock supply of new fire hoses
  • Several lengths and styles to choice from
  • Hoses nozzles to fit all types of fire hoses

Monitoring Of Fire Alarm Panels

  • Please contact our office to provide a quote

Service Of Fire Hydrants

  • Check hydrant shut-off
  • Check hydrant valve
  • Grease and lube valve and parts
  • Provide report for customer files


Cabinet Fire Extinguisher

Replacement parts for fire extinguisher cabinets available in shop or by special order.

  • Cabinets available for 5lb and 10lb ABC fire extinguishers
  • Cabinets come complete with glass (plexi-glass available)
  • Cabinets come complete with key lock
  • Break glass hammer included with cabinet
  • Recessed cabinets and frames available

Cabinet Fire Hose

-Available for all size of fire hoses

Special orders are available

ABC Fire extinguishers require service every six years from the date of manufacturer. Our fire extinguisher servicing/repair is done in our shop located on our premises. As fire extinguishers are a valuable part of our business, our extinguishers are replenished frequently.

Our work is done to NFPA and ULC standards. All recharging and hydrostatic testing is done in our shop. In section 3:3:1 of the ULC standards it states "the recharge facility shall be free of excessive variation in temperature and moisture". In our climate this is impossible to achieve in a vehicle without it being properly equipped to control this.

Large selection of portable fire extinguisher brackets and wall hooks.

Fire extinguisher covers for 5lb, 10lb and 20lb ABC fire extinguishers available with or without windows.

Fire Alarm Upgrades

Installation of ULC approved fire alarm control panels, complete with devices as required. Please contact our office to arrange for a technician to provide a quote with regards to upgrades

Fire Alarm Inspection and Service

Testing the fire alarm control panel which can but may not be limited to: Testing all devices attached to the fire alarm panel as required, including:

  • Manual pull stations
  • Fire alarm bells
  • System smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Annunciator panels
  • Testing insuite devices (i.e. smoke alarms, heat detectors, insuite buzzers)
  • Testing the devices in the elevator shaft (see note)
  • Testing the sprinkler flow and tamper switches

Winterization Of Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

  • Includes blow-out of low point drains.

Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Test backflow prevention devices which are required to be tested yearly
  • Submit report and fee to the city, if required
  • Royal City Fire Supplies is on approved list of backflow testers by several municipalities

Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plan Manual Wall Plaques Fire Dept. Site Graphic Fire Safety Plan Storage Box
-Emergency procedures to be used in case of fire or other emergency
-guidelines for the maintenance

-testing and operation of the life safety systems incorporated into the building

-provided in a three ring binder as approved by the fire authority

-Price includes an additional copy.

-Diagrams showing the type and location of the building emergency equipment

-exit paths and instructions to occupants


as required and approved by the fire authority

-several styles to choice from

-including beveled edge and/or classic edge

-Diagram of the site, mounted at or near the main entrance

-to be used by the fire department personnel.

-Locked storage for fire safety plan manual to be mounted at or near fire alarm control panel.


First Aid Equipment Earthquake Kits Fire Escape Ladders Oily Waste Cans
-Included all levels of first aid kits

-Soft and hard case kits available

-Most kits come complete with pocket masks

-Safety vests in stock

-Two person and four person available

-Everything required to last for 72 hours in case of an emergency all in a convenient carrying case.

-Constructed of metal steps and hanging apparatus

-13 foot (2 storey) and 25 foot (3 storey) available

-Several sizes available

-Residential repairs of fire protection equipment available by our qualified electricians.